Acre Round Dining Table

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Everyone gets a great seat at the modern Acre Round Dining Table. Crafted in wood it has an eye-catching cross pedestal to accommodate any chairs and a gleaming surface area for meals and more.

Size: 1530 Dia X H780mm

Supplied: K/D

Colour: Natural Oak
Material: Oak Veneer
Sealer: Water-based

Colour: Natural Oak
Material: Solid Oak

Additional Dimensions
Height To Underside Of Top: 725mm
Top Overhang: 290mm
Thickness Of Top: 60mm

Seating Capacity: 4-6 Seats
Item Weight: 67kg
Extendable: No
Care Label: Suggested seating capacity may differ from actual depending on dining chair/arm chair selected. Please refer to Additional Dimensions to ensure that the product is suitable for intended use.
Care Label: As these items are handcrafted using artisanal techniques, every product is unique

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