Niut Marble Dining Table


Niut 120cm round dining table is constructed with a black marble top and a metal base with a painted black. The Niut table is a must have.

  • Constructed with high-grade marble that not only looks immensely gorgeous but is also hardwearing and durable for retained mint condition over time
  • Marble top is coloured black, with off-white streaks resembling spindly rivers that flow to the edges for an edgy and earthy monochrome finish
  • Lifted by a tangle of robust metal legs that uphold the marble top so you can use it with peace of mind
  • Marvellous helix style for sculpture-like presentation in even the simplest spaces of your home
  • Circular leg base with flat stoppers underneath for stability, weight support, and protection to your flooring
  • Round shape fits nicely in small or boxy rooms, and encourages cosy conversation that is perfect for small gatherings
  • Roundness also means there are no pointy corners so you can safely move around it
  • Playful geometric design features a striking contrast between smooth curves and rigid lines for a dynamic piece that will bring your spaces to life
  • Sophisticated look appeals to modern taste, pairing well with décor that highlights both function and chic style
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Dimensions 120 × 120 × 76 cm
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